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Dongil Technology (DIT) authorizes users to view and download contents on this Website only for personal and non-profit purposes and only when users agree to insert property rights and other ownership notifications on copies of our contents. Contents on this Website must not be modified in any way and must not be copied, posted, distributed, and exposed for commercial purposes. Use of contents on other Websites or network-connected computers is strictly prohibited. All contents on this Website have property rights and unauthorized use of contents on this Website violates property rights law, brand law, and other related laws. Violations will automatically terminate one's right to view this Website and will require immediate abolition of downloaded or printed contents. DIT has rights to terminate one's right to use services on this Website and immediately eliminate one or more related accounts without notification.
User Information
Every data, information, and other communicated contents (communications) which users transmit to or post on this Website, excluding personal information that is protected under DIT Personal Information Protection Policies, are neither confidential nor exclusive. DIT is not responsible for these communications. DIT and authorized personnel are free to expose, distribute, copy, store, or use all communications, images, data, texts, sounds, and other elements on this Website for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes. This Website prohibits all illegal, offensive or threatening, dishonored, and sexual contents as well as contents that violate the positive law.
Connections to Other Websites
DIT conveniently connects users to other Websites by individuals or organizations. Clicking on other links will lose connection to this Website. Users are responsible for the loss of connection once they choose to visit other links and for security requirements and the use of information, explanations, and services that are provided by other links. Links do not mean that DIT guarantee contents on linked Websites, have partnerships with those links, have legal authority to use their brands, titles, logos, or intellectual properties, allows access back to DIT from those links, and authorize links to use DIT's, its subsidiary companies', or partners' brands, titles, logos, or intellectual properties.
Information and services on this Website are provided "as is" and do not guarantee marketability, suitability to certain purposes, and non-violation of intellectual property rights. In addition, DIT does not guarantee accuracy and perfection of its information and services on this Website. DIT may change information, services, products, and price information on this Website without notice. Information and services on this Website may not be the latest update and DIT is not responsible for maintaining the latest information and services on this Website. Please contact nearby DIT agency for further information on DIT's products, programs, or services. As the proper law may not permit exemption from liabilities, the above exemptions may not be applied to certain countries or regions.
Limited Liabilities
DIT, its subsidiary companies, suppliers, and all other listed third parties are not responsible for one's losses (not restricted to monetary losses, but includes lowering profitability, data loss, and suspension) that are caused by using data, information, and services on this Website and its links or not being able to use data, information, and services, even if such losses are based on guarantee, contracts, illegal actions, or other legal policies or DIT was aware of the possibility of such losses. Users are responsible for paying for services and repairs that are required in result of using data, information, or services on this Website. As the proper law may not permit exemptions or limited liabilities in relation to unexpected or inevitable losses, the above exemptions may not be applied to certain countries or regions.
Proper Law
District courts in Korea with civil lawsuit divisions shall be appointed to settle disputes and lawsuits between users in relation to the use of services on this Website and the proper law is the Korean Constitution.
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