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First and foremost, the corporation is a workplace for people, certainly for its employees but also for other stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, suppliers and communities through economic multiplier effects. Hence, the happiness of numerous souls depends critically on how productive the corporation is in creating value and generating quality jobs in the process. Fortunately, the corporation - one of the wonderful concoctions of modern times - has the awesome potential to provide this output on an enduring basis, if well managed. Dongil Technology (DIT) is a people-centered company committed to making the workplace gratifying for all involved.
The stakeholders may differ from each other in their respective goals, but they share common ground in that the welfare of each and every stakeholder rests ultimately on how productive the corporation is in creating value. DIT is cognizant of its responsibility to maximize this productive output. It is also committed to becoming a socially responsible entity sensitive to the interests of its stakeholders and be fair and equitable in redistributing rewards among the stakeholders.
DIT pays special attention to its employees. DIT demands of its employees high standards of efficiency, creative throughput and self-development. Only then could the company maintain high output on a consistent basis needed to provide them in return with good compensation, job security and pleasant workplace.
The catchphrase [人本永昌] below epitomizes all:
Written in Chinese characters, [人] stands for “human”, [本] for “foundation”, [永] for “everlasting” and [昌] for “prosper”. Summed up, the catchphrase means “Everlasting Prosperity Centered on People.” It’s indicative of DIT’s strong focus on its employees; also, in a larger sense, DIT’s commitment to the community of all people in and surrounding the company.
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