Ion Introduce
What is an Ion?
Ions are atmospheric gases such as nitrogen and oxygen molecules and particles such as water and dust which have acquired or lost an electron. The one which has gained an electron is a negative ion and the one which lost an electron is a positive ion.
How an Ionizer Works- "Corona discharge" Principles
  Corona discharge is similar to lightning. A high voltage (but extremely limited current in contrast to lightning) is applied to one or more needles. Electricity is a flow of electrons and these electrons are pushed down the needle toward the point. Electrons repel each other, so as they reach the tip of the needle, the pressure becomes such that electrons "jump off" on to the nearest air molecule ? likely to be an oxygen molecule - which turns it into a negative ion. Negative ions repel each other, so they are driven away from the needles at high speed.
The Effects of Negative Ions
  Environment Purification
  High velocity negative ions leaving the ionizer collide with particles of smoke and pollutants and pass on their static charge. Then other pollutants (smoke,dust,pollen,fungus,bacteria, etc) in the air are attracted to the charged particle which grows in size until it falls down to the ground due to its increased weight. Hence, pollutants are removed from the air making it cleaner and healthier for the people who live in it.
  Body Revitalisation thru purification of blood functions
  Revitalized cell functions
- Increased immunity
- Self Control of Nervous System
  Case Studies
  - Researcher : Minkin
  - Country : Russia
  - Topic : Physical Performance of Humans
  - Summary of Results :
After subject to negative ion therapy 15 minutes a day for 25 days the health, appetite and sleep patterns improved remarkably for male test subjects. Their task efficiency increased by 50% after 9 days and 87% after 25 days.
  - Researcher : Sulman
  - Country : Israel
  - Topic : Humans
  - Summary of Results :
  Healthy people exposed to positive ions show decreased vitality.
When there are excessive amount of positive ions in the air, people complained of insomnia, depression, and irritation.
80 out of 129 people who received negative ion treatment therapy reported significant improvements in digestion, asthma attacks, heartburn, mental instability and headaches,
After treating more than 500 patients for five years, negative ion therapy cured certain thyroidal disorders in 45% of the cases.
Technical Material
Product Characteristics
- The use of Piezoceramic transformer permits micro-size, micro-thin profile
- Abundant generation of ions
(more than 1 milion per cc at a point 30cm away from the source)
- Minimal level of ozone (less than 0.01 ppm)
- Minimal electromagnetic interference
Technical Capabilities
  - Holds source technology for multi-layer piezoelectric transformer
- Price competitiveness thru adoption of Ag material for inside electrode compared to Ag-Pd
    material previously used.1st to develop in Korea, 1st to mass produce in the world->
Mass production & sales of piezoelectric transformers.
  - Holds driver circuit technology for piezoelectric transformer
  (developed in-house and patented)
- Proprietary driver IC developed for piezoelectric transformer
  DIT7545 : half-bridge, PWM
  DIT8545 : Fly-back, frequency control - applied to ionizers
- Mass production of high voltage power supply for ionizers
  (Air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, bidets, hair driers, car air purifiers, etc)
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