When a mechanical force is applied to piezoceramics an electric field proportional to the magnitude of the stress is produced. Conversely, when an electric filed is applied to piezoceramics, a mechanical stress develops that may produce a shpae change. What's note worthy is the high efficeincy rate achieved in converting back and forth between electric energy and mechanical energy
Principle of Piezoelectric Transformers
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CeraTrans, piezoelectric transformer, transfers electrical energy by electro-mechanical coupling rather than electro-magnetic coupling as in conventional magnetic transformer.
When an alternating voltage is applied to the input section for a frequency corresponding to the mechanical resonance of the piezoelectric transformer, a strong resonant vibration develops across the piezoelectric transformer from reverse piezoelectric effect and then surface charges build up in the output electrode from piezoelectric effect. Voltage transfer ratio is determined by the magnitude of the surface charge generated and the rate of charge drained by a load. The magnitude of surface charge depends on a design of piezoelectric transformer, piezoelectric constants of material and input voltage.
Clamping and Lead Wire Connection    
CeraTrans is continuously vibrating at resonant frequency microscopically during operation. Therefore, clamping for mounting or connection of lead wires is preferred to be made at nodal points of mechanical vibration as in Fig. 2. Otherwise, it introduces mechanical damping reducing conversion efficiency and increases possibility of connection failure of lead wires.
CeraTrans“ can also be supplied with a package for your convenience.
Equivalent circuit
Equivalent circuit of piezoelectric transformer can be described as in Fig. 3 near resonant frequency. C01 and C02 are important parameters for setting inductance of choke coil in the driving circuit and for matching load impedance, respectively.
Types and Connection Diagram of CeraTrans
CeraTrans“ may be damaged if operated with a load open.
The surface of CeraTrans should be kept as clean as possible, especially in the output section.
If dirty, electrical leakage may occur due to a high voltage.
Soldering temperature and time of lead wires should be conformed to the application guide.
Otherwise, CeraTrans may be depolarized or external electrode may be damaged.
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